Treatment for Follicles, Scalp & Hair
4 fl oz | 120ml

$ 60.00


CONNECT is a rejuvenating treatment that transforms your hair to its very best by detoxifying, repairing, and renewing cell life and keratin function in your follicles, scalp and hair. We make CONNECT using our highly concentrated core proprietary blend of pure humic-free fulvic acid, aloe, and tannic acids to restore your body’s inherent ability to grow healthy hair and stop excess shedding and thinning. This is our most potent product - the more you use this spray, the more results you’ll see!


Aqua*(Water), Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice**, Tannic Acid**(Plant Polyphenol), Fulvic Acid***, Ethyl Alcohol*(Sugarcane), Phenoxyethanol

*] Ingredients naturally derived
**] Ingredients organically sourced
***] Fulvic acids are virtually all unique, each carrying with them the cellular data and elemental characteristics specific to their source matter and environmental conditions. Phylia Pure Fulvic Acid is produced using a proprietary biomimetic technology, using fresh organic vegetables and fruits as the origin substance. Our exclusive production process ensures the transformed phyto-matter profile is free of hazardous heavy metals, radiation and other toxins and instead, full of vitality enhancing compounds including amino acids, minerals, vitamins and phytonutrients.


We encourage the use of CONNECT in conjunction with the entire Phylia de M. hair care system - although you are welcome to use it on it’s own. After showering, gently towel-dry, part hair into sections, and spray directly onto scalp and into hair. No need to rinse. Can also be used on dry hair, anytime, for an additional treatment.