Welcome to your new head of hair!

Once upon a time, we all had shiny, vibrant hair. Damaged or still gorgeous, Phylia de M. will heal and improve every hair type, bringing you back to complete hair health.

Phylia de M. was developed specifically for nurturing recovery from a variety of hair and scalp conditions. Whether you’re suffering from excess hair loss, slow growth, thinning, limp or lifeless hair, salon stress - or the dreaded shrinking ponytail – Phylia de M. offers you a potent and powerful remedy.


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Providing intensive healing - both inside and out, our Complete Kit features Phylia de M’s entire product line, including our signature fulvic acid formula, Fulphyl. Taking internally as a drinkable supplement, Fulphyl works to detoxify and heal, powerfully restoring inner body balance. Deeply penetrating on a cellular level, this kit will cleanse, condition, and volumize hair, while encouraging both new hair growth and total body health.


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shampoo for scalp and hair

CLEAN is more than just a shampoo. While the scent of neroli orange flower blossom uplifts, aloe, tannic and fulvic acids, help to clear away damaging toxins. Restoring follicle health, by encouraging cell and keratin renewal, CLEAN brings your hair back to its very best.



cream rinse or leave-in for hair

CONDITION is a nutrient-rich conditioner which combines a soothing chamomile scent with our proprietary blend of aloe, tannic, and fulvic acids for a relaxing treatment that results in total hair health. A dual-purpose formula, this moisturizing blend can also be used as a daily leave-in for dry hair.



leave-in treatment for scalp, follicles & hair

CONNECT is our 100% organic rejuvenating treatment that transforms your hair to its very best by detoxifying, repairing, and renewing cell life and keratin function in your follicles, scalp and hair. We make CONNECT using our highly concentrated core proprietary blend of pure humic-free fulvic acid, aloe, and tannic acids to restore your body’s inherent ability to grow healthy hair and stop excess shedding and thinning. This is our most potent product - the more you use this spray, the more results you’ll see!


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Advanced formula treatment for follicles, hair & scalp

Re-Connect is a highly concentrated cell restoration formula specifically designed for advanced follicle renewal and optimum active hair growth. In Japanese, the word “hatsumou” means to “give birth” to new hair. The word “ikumou” means to raise those hairs into full and healthy hair fibers. Embracing this philosophy of both nurturing and new growth, our original CONNECT treatment provides the “ikumou”, while RE-CONNECT offers you, “hatsumou” - a second, more potent step toward hair regeneration. 


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Travel Trio

clean | condition | connect

Simple to use and intensely effective, this 3-step kit utilizes our proprietary ingredients to assist in scalp detoxification and healing, while encouraging hair growth and renewal. Daily use will boost shine and softness, increase volume, and reduce shedding.

Travel Trio is our 3-step kit in travel size 2.2oz./ 65ml and comes in Phylia's signature branded canvas travel case!

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Super Cell Conductor for body & planet A pure, humic-free, fulvic acid supplement.

Welcome to a whole new you. Created from the natural fermentation of organic matter, fulvic acid is an incredible multi-use healer. By nurturing the good and detoxing the bad, this super conductor has the remarkable ability to neutralize cells and create optimum health. FULPHYL works in a variety of wonderful ways. Activating the full potential of the nutrients you consume, fulvic acid carries nutrients to the correct cells within your body. It also assists cells in becoming more permeable and receptive to those nutrients. Not only that, but fulvic acid is also a highly effective chelator, removing harmful toxins and free radicals and encouraging cell health and regeneration. Thanks to Phylia de M.‘s exclusive customized biotechnology, Fulphyl is the only completely humic free fulvic acid available on the market. Unlike other products, (which often contain trace amounts of fulvic acid from humic acid extracted from harmful fossil fuels or humic substances from unknown derivatives), our signature concentrated formula is produced solely through the fermentation of pure and organic fruits and vegetables.


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Connect Rephyl

leave-in treatment for scalp, follicles & hair

CONNECT is the hero product of the Phylia de M. Hair Care System and the custom formula has incredible benefits for skin & nail health as well. We made CONNECT REPHYL so you can have ample supply of CONNECT on hand in an ecological & economical way!

ALOE BLEND: soothes & encourages keratin production for new hair, skin & nails.

TANNIC ACID BLEND: repairs damaged cells.

PURE HUMIC FREE FULVIC ACID: works as a highly effective transport vehicle for nutrients, taking them to the right cells & making cell walls more permeable to them. It really activates the potential of the next product you apply, while also detoxifying & encouraging new & healthy cell regeneration.


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