Welcome To Your New Head of Hair

Once upon a time, we all had shiny, vibrant hair. Damaged or still gorgeous, Phylia de M. will heal and improve every hair type, bringing you back to complete hair health. Phylia de M. was developed specifically for nurturing recovery from a variety of hair and scalp conditions. Whether you’re suffering from excess hair loss, slow growth, thinning, limp or lifeless hair, salon stress - or the dreaded shrinking ponytail – Phylia de M. offers you a potent and powerful remedy.

Clean |

shampoo for scalp and hair
8.9 fl. oz. | 265 ml.
Will Ship September 29

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Condition |

cream rinse or leave-in for hair
8.9 fl. oz. | 265 ml.

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Connect |

leave-in treatment for follicles, scalp & hair
4 fl. oz. | 120 ml.

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Reconnect |

Advanced formula treatment for follicles, hair & scalp
4 fl. oz. | 120 ml.

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Fulphyl |

Super Cell Conductor for body & planet.
A pure, humic-free, fulvic acid supplement.
12 fl. oz. | 360 ml.

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Connect Rephyl |

leave-in treatment for scalp, follicles & hair
19.3 fl. oz. | 570 ml.

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